The Unicorn Museum Project | Bali WISE Scholarship
02 Aug 2019 | Written by: Bali Wise

Ni Komang Ayu Lestari (19) is a youngest child with two siblings living in Karangasem, Bali. Her father passed away 7 years ago due to health issues, so her mother took over as the head of the household. Her mother works as a laborer in the traditional market by taking care of fresh groceries shop that belongs to her friend, earning IDR 15.000 – 20.000 per day from 12 am (midnight) until 1pm. While her brother does not have stable job or only get occasional job as a truck driver. Lestari helps her mother from midnight till dawn to sell vegetables before going to school. After school, she also helps her neighbor whenever they have spare jobs for her such as cooking or clean the house and gains allowance from that. Their calculated monthly incomes are IDR 400.000. She studied Culinary in vocational high school and knew Bali WISE from her cousin who was an alumni of Bali WISE and has found quality employment. She wants to participate in the program to continue her education after vocational high school, hoping to get a good job after completing the program so she can help her family financially. She really treasures her mother because she has been taking care of their family well after her father passed away.

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