The Unicorn Museum Project | "Leo"
Bali, 28 Nov 2019 | Written by: The Unicorn Museum Project | Visual Arts Division

Photograph: Unicorn Leo

There is virtually no global stage that matters, not graced by multi-instrumentalist Leo. Famous from Amsterdam to Acapulco, from Paris to Panama, from London to Las Vegas. Leo was there. Playing Saxophone, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Base Guitar, Piano or the Violin. Singing like a real Rock Star. Leo is a true Phenomenon.

Together with Sari, Leo is responsible for the Music Department at Wahana Seni Bali; an exceptional artiscally interesting and inspiring venue.

Leo is a great teacher and a wonderful man; The Unicorn Museum Project happily supports Leo in teaching anyone with a genuine interest in becoming a musician, at no cost to the student.


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