The Unicorn Museum Project | Jenna Norodom
10 Jul 2019 | Written by: The Unicorn Museum Project

The Unicorn Museum Project stands for those who aim to make the world a better place. We believe giving a fair chance to young and extraordinarily talented individuals. We hope they may grow to be  Unicorns who, in due course, will share their nurtured gifts with future generations.  

 In accordance with these values, the Unicorn Museum Project is supporting the professional education of a child prodigy, Jenna Norodom, daughter of Her Royal Highness Bophary Norodom. Jenna is a young singer and dancer of Khmer origin. Performing on stage since her early years, in front of live audiences as well as on TV, she shows the kind of true talent that we would like to see flourish. 

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