The Unicorn Museum Project | GB - Galleria BBABYY
Bali, 10 Nov 2019 | Written by: The Unicorn Museum Project | Visual Arts Division

Yola Chandra is a multi-talented Bali based illustrator inspired by Godesses and Mythology.

Yola's illustration of a Unicorn themed children book; The garden of love, is dedicated to all children and their parents around the world. The book encourages a better understanding of their feelings and learning more about Mother Earth through meditation. 

Yola continues to develop new ideas and original techniques like combining precious stones and minerals with her works of Art.

Photograph: Artwork sold in the course of the preparation process of Yola's Galleria BBABYY Exhibition

Photograph: Yola illustrated Oracle cards written by Noviana Kusumawhardani

Galleria BBABYY is a joined initiative by The Unicorn Museum Project and BBABYY Managers Royal Classic Yacht Club Bali.

Artists are invited to exhibit their Art on deck of BBABYY at the Marina after each Regatta at no cost to the artist. 100% of sales proceeds go to the participating artists.

Photograph: Second Artwork sold whilst preparing for the Yola Galleria BBABYY Exhibition

BBABYY is scheduled to participate in all relevant Regattas for Classic Sailing Yachts in SEA. 


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